2017-11-30 - Job Vacancies

Hanwa Europe B.V.

Hanwa Europe B.V.
is a subsidiary of Hanwa Co .,Ltd. in Japan.

Hanwa Co., Ltd. is a Japanese trading house that was first established in 1947, with an annual turnover of USD 16 billion (FY 2013).  The headquarters are based in Tokyo and the company itself is listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchange.  Hanwa deals in a number of different products and raw materials, ranging from steel, metals, lumber, petrochemical and food products.

An international network is already established with offices worldwide.  Hanwa Europa B.V. is responsible for sales and procurement of materials in Europe, the Middle East and also Africa.  Hanwa Europe B.V. is currently involved in the non-ferrous metals, steel and food departments.
Junior Trader
The candidate will be recruited for a role as 'junior trader' in the primary metals and metal recycling department.  The role will include a variety of responsibilities including market research, finding new suppliers and customers, negotiating contracts (both internally and with clients), and customer service of handling any problems that may arise after a contract is fixed.  The role naturally requires some travel to the customer’s site, varying from domestic locations as well as abroad in continental Europe, and on occasion entertaining clients in the evening.

The ideal candidate will be motivated with a passion to develop their skills.  The ability to learn and adapt quickly to environments and changing markets is essential.  The candidate will ideally have some previous business experience and a good level of numerical ability.  Working in a relatively small office of 6, the candidate must be a team player but also able to take the initiative to move on an individual level.  The role will require being able to work under pressure, managing time efficiently and prioritising effectively.

Joining a growing business the candidate will have a more and more significant role as the business develops.  We are viewing any candidates as potential members of our future management team so it is also important to have one’s own personal goals and ambitions.  The candidate is encouraged to demonstrate leadership and voice their own opinions and ideas.

Additional Skills
-    Fluency in English is required.  Strong working knowledge of French , Spanish, Germany would be strongly preferred.
-    A basic/conversational knowledge of Japanese would benefit the application.
-    Other languages could also be considered advantageous.
-    A basic knowledge of IT (including word and spreadsheet packages).
-    At least one year of experience in business would also benefit the application.

The ideal candidate will need to have a high sense of responsibility, being independent, reactive and willing to be involved with the process of sales and purchase from negotiation to payment.
The candidate must be a team player but also able to take the initiative to move on an individual level, willing to learn, and put their own ideas toward improving working methods and efficiency.
Joining a growing business the candidate will have a more and more significant role as the business develops with opportunities for advancement.

If you are interested in our company, we look forward to your meaningful application documents, preferably by e-mail.

Hanwa Europe B.V.

WTC Tower-C 14F , Strawinskylaan 1447, Amsterdam

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