USEFUL LINKS Embasy of Japan in The Netherlands
Japan general info, scholarships and opportunities to Japan


 Business in Netherlands
Limburg Development Company. Useful link for investing and business opportunities information in Limburg.
 Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (in Japanese) N.V NOM – Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands  Business information in Province of Utrecht Holland International Distribution Council, a website for logistics companies/partnerships in Europe
Agency of Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Information source for international businesses & cooperations. Site of the Brabant Development Agency for business in the province of Noord-Brabant.



Living in Netherlands City of Amstelveen. Residential Issues, News, At Home in Amstelveen – Japanese Version and many more useful information for Amstelveen residents. General information on City of Amsterdam, Residential Issues, News, Tax information, etc.
 Genreal information on Province of Utrecht Rotterdam City of Development Corporation. Useful website about living and business in Rotterdam. Your essential guide to living in The Netherlands. Providing daily news (in English).
Netherlands Info Services. This 24-hour wire service is the most important news source for all Dutch media. Providing daily : politics, legislation, finance, economy, business news, culture and society, and special events.


Hobbies & Interests

IKEBANA Information about Ikebana international, history of Ikebana in the Netherlands and contacts in The Netherlands

Ikebana in Belgium, Japanese gardens and general history of ikebana.`marjavb/ Sogetsu Ikebana school in The Netherlands. Dutch Ikebana schools and club.   

'Japanese Language & Culture' study in Leiden University.
Japanese language education centre. In-company courses and other services. Japan-Netherlands communication: Language courses, translations and tour guide.
Volks Universiteit. Variety of courses, including Japanese course, Dutch course and English for Japanese course.
List of news & events on Anime in The Netherlands by J-POP foundation.
ORIGAMI Complete information & guide to learn origami.
Origami Societeit Nederland. Information Dutch Origami association, news, events and more links.
General information on Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute): history, events and clubs in The Netherlands.
International Shakuhachi community.
All about Koto (Japanese traditional instrument) and the music that is made with kotos and accompanying instruments.
Taiko (Japanese drum) community in The Netherlands
General information about Kendo.
Nederlandse Kendo Renmei. Kendo school in The Netherlands.
Sumo clubs and competitions in The Netherlands.
Judo Bond Nederland. General info on judo, Jiu Jitsu & Aikido. Including tournaments and organizations.
Aikido club in The Netherlands: Activities, Forum & Schools.
Aikido competitions in The Netherlands.
Info about the existence, background & rules of the ancient game, GO. Also a meeting point for many Japanese activities.
Information on shops for Chess & Go games.
Download freeware to play Go on your computer.
General info on Shogi's history, events & organizations.


 JAPAN RELATED MUSEUMS (IN HOLLAND) Sieboldhuis. Japanese museum in Leiden. Offers the most beautiful objects from Japan behind a Dutch historical facade. Volkenkunde National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. Including permanent exhibition of Japanese art & culture.
The virtual musem of Japanese arts.


The Netherlands-Japanese Relationship Japan External Trade Organization in Amsterdam.
Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation is an independent, non-profit organization with offices in the Netherlands and Japan. Dujat organizes symposia, missions to Japan, seminars, press conferences and also issues various publications to stress the significance of the Japanese market among a wide range of Dutch businesses.
News & Events on West Japan - Netherlands relationships.
Nederlands-Japanse Vereniging. Organizes Japanese events in The Netherlands.


Others Port of Rotterdam – Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V
Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris.


Business in Japan Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
Provides in depth source for researchers requiring coverage of Asian companies, industries, infrastructure, investments & trade opportunities.
Information about Japan/s individual regions & markets, advantages of doing business in Japan, laws & regulations.
JETRO. A link to find information on Japanese Export-Import Companies.
Easy & fast currency converter


 Japan news Japan Times Online is Japan's leading English-language daily newspaper.
Japan's latest news. With analysis & commentary.
Japan's news on economy (in Japanese)
Japan's news on economy (in English)
Magazine on trends in Japan (in English)


Tourist and Travelling in Japan Complete practical guide on Japan for visitors.

Japan National Tourist Organisation.

info for online budget hotel reservations, regional guides, conventional locations & museums.
Japan City Hotel Association.
Japan Youth Hostels

Japan Airlines in The Netherlands.

Organizes flight to Japan, accomodation, rail pass, tours & excurcions.


Japan Tax & Legal Matters
Dutch Embassy in Tokyo:

Security, legal matters, registration, passport renewal.
National Tax Agency Japan. Income tax guide for foreigners in Japan.
Official Foreign Affairs Ministry homepage.

Visa info, announcements, foreign policy news and economic affairs.
English language translations of major Japanese laws.


Studying / Training in Japan Studying in Japan, selecting a school & immigration procedures.
Japan - Netherlands student exchange program.
Job training in Japan.
EU - Japan Centre is organizing a managerial training programme in Japan . Unique Opportunity in Japan.


Cabinet Legislation Bureau
Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission (Japanese only)
Fisheries Agency
National Personnel Authority
Postal Services Agency
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Cabinet Office (Japanese only)
Fire and Disaster Management Agency
Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (Japanese only)
imperial Household Agency
Ministry of Justice
Japan Patent Office (Japanese only)
National Public Safety Commission
Public Prosecutors Office
Small and medium Enterprise Agency (Japanese only)
National Police Agency
Public Security Investigation Agency
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Japan Defense Agency (Japanese only)
National Tax Administration
Geographical Survey Institute
Japan Air Self Defense Force
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Japan Coast Guard
Japan Ground Self Defense Force
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science
Hydrographic Department - Japan Coast Guard
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
Agnecy for Cultural Affairs
Japan Meteorological Agency
Japan Defense Facilities Administration Agency
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of the Environment
Financial Services Agency
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Board of Audit of Japan
Ministry of Publick Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (Japanese only, some info in English)
Food Agency
Fair Trade Commission of Japan
Statistics Bureau and Statistics Center (Japanese only)
Forestry Agency


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