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2018-05-25 - General Events

[Members only] Visit program to Brightlands Chemelot Campus (Sekisui S-LEC, DSM)


-    Date / Time: July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)  12.00 – 16.15
-    Venue: Brightlands Chemelot Campus (Sekisui S-LEC, Royal DSM)
-    Address: Urmonderbaan 22, 6167 RD Geleen
-    Parking information: Parking spaces are available at campus.
-    Public Transport Information: Take the bus from NS Sittard station and get off at the third stop at “Urmond Chemelot Campus bus stop. 5 minutes on foot.
-    The bus can be arranged from NS Amsterdam Zuid Station.
-    Admission: Free of charge
-    Registration deadline: June 20 (For those who wish to use bus)
-    Registration deadline: June 29
-    More info: please contact JCC office at 020 662 1457/ or send an email to:

-    Registration: via JCC webpage (please inform us whether you would like to make use of bus from Amsterdam Zuid station)

2018-05-18 - Seminars

JCC /JETRO/KPMG Seminar Mobility 2030 ~Toward 2030, the future of moving people and goods~ 2018-06-21 apply »

It’s now widely accepted that by 2030, mobility especially in large urban areas will be dramatically different from today
Please click following link. The animation is one of example which KPMG expect to realize in 2030.

Although, we share only one version of the future, what is certain is that we are at the beginning of a transformational journey where we will see shifts in traditional business models. For example, we examine two archetypes that may emerge for car manufacturers existing side-by-side. In our view, future success will only come through an unprecedented degree of collaboration and through design and thinking across government and business.

The future is exciting, the details are yet to be worked out, and collectively we can build our model of Mobility 2030.
After Mobility 2030 session, we will provide latest updated information about Brexit.

Seminar Program

        Mr. Shigeki Okada Executive Director of JETRO AMSTERDAM, board member of JCC

Sarah Owen Vandersluis-Partner KPMG UK

Sander Klous – Partner and professor at the University of Amsterdam

Koji Endo, Senior Manager, KPMG NL Global Japanese Practice

Cees van der Helm – Partner – Global Japanese Practice

Koji Endo, Senior Manager, KPMG NL Global Japanese Practice

Cees van der Helm – Partner – Global Japanese Practice

Detail of program

Mobility 2030 – Toward 2030, the future of moving people and goods
Sarah  Owen Vandersluis-Partner

Sarah will outline KPMG’s vision for the future of mobility – what changes can we expect and how soon will these come? She will outline views on the impact of these changes on various industries and conclude with some opportunities and challenges for the future. She will also discuss what KPMG has been doing to help businesses and governments understand and prepare for this major disruption.

Mobility 2030 – Smart Society Concept
Sander Klous-Partner, professor at the University of Amsterdam

We are moving at light speed toward a smart society where almost all of our decisions are supported or taken over by systems and algorithms. One of the domains where this becomes manifest is autonomous vehicles, a crucial element in the vision of Mobility 2030.  The dominating question for their large scale implementation is how to trust the data analysis taking place under the hood. Trust is the most powerful human strategy to deal with complexity. It goes far beyond reliable systems. How are we going to ensure that a self-driving car respects the norms and values we treasure as a society? Trust is what we instinctively rely on to build confidence in the face of uncertainty. In his talk prof. Klous will address how trust concepts are changing due to digitization and the dominating role of algorithms in a smart society. He will explain what organizations can do to turn this potential threat into a defining opportunity.

Brexit Update-latest update of Brexit

Cees van der Helm-Partner, Global Japanese Practice

The Brexit deadline is March 2019 and negotiations are still going on. The Japanese business community has provided – through the Japanese Ambassador to the UK – their wish list for the position of the UK after the Brexit. Cees will provide the latest update information about the negotiations on the Brexit and how the current position is compared to this wish list. Alternative scenarios for the outcome of the Brexit will be discussed for Japanese companies to determine their strategies.

2017-09-18 - Seminars

JCC/JETRO/PWC Seminar “The Latest digital reform of the company~ Automation of the White Color operations with Robotics software technology~”


Do you have any concern about the daily back office operations that are increasing day by day ? Recently, the robotics technology is expanding to not only the site of the factory but also your office.  In this seminar, we will introduce the latest digital economics trend, especially, the automation of the White Color operations with the technology of Robotic Process Automation.

2017-09-12 - Seminars

DUJAT Update Seminar on IOT/Cyber security


DUJAT, KPMG, JCC, NFIA, OMRON, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and amsterdam inbusiness jointly organize the seminar on IOT/Cyber security.
Date: 11th of October, 2017 / 14:30 – 19:00
Venue: Meijburg & Co, Amstelveen / Paviljoen / Laan van Langerhuize 7, 1186 DS Amstelveen
Admission: Free of charge
There is sufficient underground parking space in the building (free of charge)


14:30 - 15:00     Registration

Sunday 27, May 2018


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