The purpose of the Chamber is the promotion of economic relations and friendly ties between Japan and the Netherlands

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Chamber performs the following non-profit activities:


a. The Chamber gives opinions and discusses or negotiates, if necessary, with the appropriate organizations.
b. The Chamber undertakes public relations activities on behalf of its members and gathers information and data relating to the activities of members.
c. The Chamber organizes and co-ordinates lectures, meetings and symposia.
d. The Chamber promotes exchange activities between Japanese and Dutch economic organizations as well as foreign economic organizations stationed in the Netherlands.
e. The Chamber periodically publishes and distributes a list of members and journals.
f. The Chamber promotes relationships among its members.
g. The Chamber liaises with various Japanese organizations, especially with the Japanese schools in the Netherlands, and gives financial support when necessary.
h. In addition to the above, the Chamber conducts various activities that are considered necessary to achieve its objectives.


Business Plan 2014


1.The Japan-Netherlands Economic and Cultural Exchange Activities:


Trade and Investments Committee

Address issues concerning investment and business environment (personnel, labour, accounting, fiscal systems) that the Japanese companies located in the Netherlands encounter.


l    Request improvements of the investment climate to the related Dutch authorities, monitor and lobby.

l    Organize seminars and lectures dealing with the current investment climates and changing situations.

l    Contact and communicate with Dutch companies and students in Japan

l    Contact and communicate with regional economic entities.

l    Promote exchanges, contacts and co-operative activities with major economic organizations in the Netherlands and other chambers of commerce in Europe.

l    Gather information through a questionnaire and publish relevant translated documents.



Culture and Public Relations Committee

Co-ordinate and co-operate with various cultural and exchange programmes and planning and implementing PR and communication activities related to JCC activities.


l     Participate in the Von Siebold House and Von Siebold Foundations

l     Support the management of the EGCC (European Go Cultural Centre)

l     Participate in the  Japanese speech contest organizing committee.

l     Support the management of the JCC Dutch-Japanese Economic Exchange Funds.

l     Enhance the provision of information through publications and the website.

l     Handle requests for donations and support.

l     Co-oporate with the City of Amstelveen in the Cherry Blossom Festival.

l     Co-oporate with the Culture and PR Section of Embassy of Japan in organizing events.

l     Organize cultural lectures.



2. Activities Promoting Friendship among the Members and Communication with the Japanese Community in the Netherlands:


Education Committee

Manage, work on the issues of the Japanese schools and Japanese supplementary schools and deal with general issues concerning the education of children


l     Address the issues of management of Japanese schools.

            (ANBI)Educational Support Stchting Funds : Article here.              

l     Host the Japanese schools’ joint sports day and support other school events.

l     Exchange views with various types of schools .


Life and Welfare Committee

Contribute to the living environment, welfare, health, safety, and social matters of the Japanese residents in the Netherlands and deal with their social problems.


l    Make further efforts to assure security of the Japanese residents by organizing sequences of security measure seminars and providing safety information in cooperation with Embassy of Japan, Consul Section.

l    Request IND to handle applications for a residence permit more efficiently.

l    Organize joint events with family members and various sports events.

l    Organize events to enhance Japanese-Dutch exchanges.

I    Improve medical environment/Support Japan Desk at Amstelveen Hospital






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